Green Infrastucture

In class today we learned about many

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things that we never even knew about especially the food we eat such as how animals we eat like chickens are not actually processed in farms but instead factories in a tight space. There are no space for them to walk around but just stand and wait for them to be killed and cut to feed people who are waiting to eat chicken. Additionally, people have no clue that animals like chicken are being processed like this because then they will not buy these animal’s any more which will make business for food drop. Moreover, we did a activity where we were measuring the pH of many drinks and predicted before we tested to see if we’re correct and for some we were.

Organic and inorganic foods

Organic food is when food is made without chemicals and inorganic food is when they are made with genetically modified organisms and they are not arising from natural growth. Organic food is much more nutritious and naturally grown considering the fact that they are not grown artificially. Genetically modified organisms are when genetic information that are inserted into plants and animals and other organisms that people eat and since the population increases every year, the demand for food has also increased and that is the reason why farmers use genetically modified organisms. Whole foods is

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food that is not processed and if they are, it is processed as little as possible. Local food is food that people buy from supermarkets and they come from small nearby farms so the food is more fresher and less genetically modified.


I learned what the internet is and how it kinda works its ton of ip adresses also how a city would be if everything in the city has some wifi like cars boats and light houses it would be able to help out the city alot more because everything could connect to each other. The thing about the internet is there

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are so many people and when you send someone a messege or something else it doesn’t go straght to that person it would go to another that gets that messege that then send it to the person you want it to go to but it wouldn’t be able to understand where you want to send it with out a ip adresse so you would put yours and the ip you want it to go to.

How do food stickers help us see if foods are organic local or whole

We learned today that food stickers aren’t just to show you

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what the food is from or were it was imported from we also learned that it could also mean if our food is organic,local.whole foods depending on the number it has on the fruit that can mean a big difference if it has 4 digits its conventianally grown depending where you are it can really save the resources made in your neighborhood which is grown locally and other foods can be organic meaning it’s untouched and that can be good some times keeping the nutrients it has in the food that can benefit us

City Transportation

Today we made a plan for the city that we were going to build. The most important thing was the roads. We had to decide how many lanes our road had to have

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and what was the lane’s function. Bicycle lanes were a major component in the roads. My favorite part was deciding the road plan we were going to use in the city.

all about food

Today was all about the type of food that we have today. Most foods all changed some how it could be modified to taste sweeter, sour,bitter any way you want it they can also change its shape which is weird image if every was the same shape and size. Its hard to find someone that hasnt eaten modified food. We learned

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about other type of food like the original organic food which is a lot less than modified food like a real chickens leg would be twice as small as a modified one. The others were local and whole local was grown food that was grown near the area that sold and whole was food that was

Wireless Communications

Wireless communication is easy to keep track of and

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use. It takes out the use of wires and which take up space and cause more problems. An example of a wireless system is the cell phones that we use. There are cellphone towers that provide service and allow you to speak to other people. The antennas are place in a triangular shape with one on each edge, giving a 360 connection. If we can make some of the things we use in everyday life wireless using systems like NYCWiN it would be easier to keep track of everything.

Hi Part:3

Today was excellent. We made the buildings and

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circuits for our city. We also saw the layout plan of our city. I made Lego structures and attached a solar panel to a LED. This simulates solar energy that is powering the building. It was fun

(Un)SMART Transportation…

A huge problem in NYC is traffic jams. Who likes to spend an hour of their day stuck in the middle of the BQE anyway!?Apart from these traffic jams, they are unhealthy for the environment. When a car

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is idle, it burns up more fuel than it would at the first ten minutes of driving or the driving itself. And of course, as many know, burning up fossil fuels has harmful effects to the environment. It pollutes the air, which One, it encourages global warming. Secondly, you are being very ineffiecient with your resources, which is something that a SMART city is against. As New York City being a big city, we have an influence into Global Warming. We NEED to change our regulations NOW.


We learned about these satellite that are useed for many things mostly used for veiwing the earth on gps’s there was two ways that the satellite orbits the earth first it is statinary which stays focus on one side of the earth it does so by moving at the same speed

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as the earth the other is poler orbiting where it does curcle the earth. We also learned that some times that these satillites have a problem with them and cost millions to fix that would cost little if check on earth so are just left as space trash that could affect the new satelites like they could possibly crash.