New City Layout and Completion

Today, at Sosc, we completed our final smart city layout. It has three circle allowing for sectors to be separated. These sectors are corporate, entertainment, and government.  We also added necessary things like an airport and transportation hub to our city. We painted our canvas and added water and a landfill. We finished up on the writing that goes along with the city and worked all day on making the smart city look and be the best we could possibly make it.

David; Group B

Wireless Communication

Wireless Communication, one of the most interesting topics I learned about. It’s not everyday that you learn about how the internet works or how your cellphone connects to other networks . But it was all interesting and that’s why I chose to present about this topic for the final presentation which will be on August 2nd this Friday in the Polytechnic Institute of NYU. Where our campus has been for the last four weeks. It’s very sad this program is ending, it was a great program and it really was a pleasure working with all these great teachers and students.    

Final Day to Prepare

Today we made lots of progress in completing our smart city.  We were split into 3 groups and then into only two.  At first it was POSTER group, LEGO buildings group, and PAINTING group (my group).  Then the posters group finished and they all helped with the LEGO buildings. My group which was painting stayed without anyone joining. Today we got all the posters finished and some of us stayed back helping after 4:00. I stayed back helping finish some things. The layout of the city which is what some of us were painting has been finished and we just need to add some final details to it and build some more LEGO buildings.

Science of Smart cities finishing touches

Today we are putting the finishing touch on our poster board of our smart city. We are also working on building the buildings and parks for our smart city. Today at Irondale we worked on speaking and getting ready for our presentation for the expo tomorrow. We did numerous activities to help with how we will speak to the audience.

Building Our City

Today we didn’t really do much but make posters and building our lego cities.My job was to build 15 houses but I built more than that.I built more than 20 houses.I cant wait for tomorrow because I have practiced hard on my presentation and I feel prepared to tell people about our smart cities.

Trip to Northrop Grumman

Today, I went on a field trip to Northrop Grumman. I learned about a new system they are implementing in NYC called NYC Win. NYC Win allows for real time information to be sent to the authorities so they can respond more effectively to problems, delays, or crimes committed within the city. This allows for better situational awareness and makes protection and helping citizens much easier. NYC Win also allows for traffic monitoring and allows it to track certain vehicles in the city. I also learned about radio waves and how radio waves make communication easier and how it allows for it to be almost instantaneous.

David; Group B

Northtrop Grumman

Toady we spent the whole day at Northtrop and it was really fun.We got an introduction on what they do there and the jobs they do for New York City. After that we got to make applications about our cities and ways to improve it.I thought about making buses efficient and making people wait for the buses least.


Today we are mostly working on making posters for the expo on August 2nd. I got the category of energy. I am happy with this topic because it is one of the easiest. My group and I decided to incorporate Newton’s 3 laws, energy in general, renewable energy and nonrenewable energy.

Posters Are Made

Today instead of building with the LEGO we started to create posters for our city. My group was in charge of the TRANSPORTATION posters. We didn’t start yet on the posters, but we got the information for them and now we have the posters planned. We just need to put the information that we’ve gathered onto the posters.

Fourth Week

Today we did review and we talked about Newton Laws.I remembered an activity we did when we had to drop the parachute down to the target while walking.Learning these laws can be very helpful because I get to learn more about physics and algebra. Also it can help us in our future smart cities.We continued doing legos and I was in a group with Mia.We were residential and I thought it would be hard for me when I started to build other stuff.I began to build to two large buildings that I didn’t know what it was.When everyone saw it the liked it and I was very proud of myself.

Erlyn; Class B