Smart City

Today in class we are working on transportation. I learned alot. We are getting ready

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to build our cities. We worked on planning the way our cities transportation going to work.


The City is Finished

On Saturday, May 18 we presented our city. I really enjoyed the Smart Cities program. It taught me many things along the lines of engineering. I hope i will be able to use this knowledge later in my

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Today we were working on our own city that we are creating. I was part of the building group making a building.We then

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had to make an LED light up by making a circuit. This lesson was very fun and i enjoy smart cities a lot. :)

Binary Counting

We learned how to count binary numbers! It was extremely interesting. The way you have to add 0s and 1s is so different and I really enjoyed learning something new However, i hope we do more stuff with the board and LEDs and etc. I enjoy plugging in the wires! :) This type of counting is extremely different than regular counting! Mr. Sepher taught us and

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gave us several different examples regarding binary counting. I enjoyed how he taught this topic because i felt as if we were being involved in the context more than other classes. I am looking forward to other classes and being taught like this again.

Smart Cars

If I was present on Saturday, I would have been making a smart car. An arduino would be used to see what color the car

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was driving on.

My Life

Hi! My name is Sarah Gbadebo and I was born in March 2001 Friday the 13th. I usually to tell people that I was born on Friday the 13th to get them to stop talking to me but as I grew older it stopped working because I have made many friends. The most traumatizing year of my life was kindergarten. This was because I’m pretty sure my kindergarten teacher hated me. He was always on my case.

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Unlike the other children in kindergarten, I was really quiet and I didn’t have any friends. I never raised my hand in class and when I did get called on I would always give the wrong answer so I wouldn’t get called on again. The teachers always underestimated my abilities because of this but I didn’t really care because I still was in kindergarten. I was always on step ahead of all the students. I knew how to read complex words, write complex 2nd grade sentences, and multiply, add, divide, and subtract numbers. But my teacher still didn’t notice me. Everything did at one of the play and learning areas he always made me feel bad about it. He would always comment on my block towers and knock them down. But I never let his criticism get to my head. And he didn’t let me use the bathroom at nappy time when I politely asked so I ended up urinating on myself. He then told my mom that I had an accident during nappy time and he didn’t understand why I just couldn’t wake up and ask him to let me use it (-.-* -_- can you believe this fool?) so the next day during nappy time I got up from my cot and I went up to my teacher and told him he is the worst teacher I’ve ever had and probably will ever have (I was right!

Energizing Experiments in Science of Smart Cities

Science of Smart Cities is back in downtown Brooklyn for the summer. Local middle school students are learning about how energy is created and stored, and they are building circuits, generators, and batteries. Each day, they connect scientific theory with hands-on, team-based activities that allow them to experience engineering in fun ways. By experimenting with different materials that produce and store electricity, the students gain an understanding of how a city relies on power grids that supply energy to the buildings, homes, and structures in their urban environment. For the full curriculum of the Energy Unit of the program, browse here


Student Reflections

Brian:”Today we learned learned how a potato, a nail, and a penny can make energy. Also, we discussed how greenhouse gases are making our planet hotter and melting the ice caps.”

Jaela: “Today at SOSC we learned that  potatoes and water are conductive and that electrons can easily flow through these things.  We learned that potatoes were conductive by putting a nail and a  penny in three different potatoes and then connecting all three of the potatoes with alligator wires.  We connected the potatoes to the multimeter to see how many volts of energy was flowing through the potatoes. We also learned that water was a conductive source [through the hydrogen fuel cell activity] by connecting a battery to two pieces of nickel and then connecting the same to pieces of nickel to a multimeter. We then put the two pieces of nickel in water and looked on the multimeter to see how many volts of electricity were produced. ”

Nia: “Today I learned about hydrogen fuel cells. To make a hydrogen fuel cell, you need two alligator clips, nickel strip, a volt meter, and a beaker filled with water. The hydrogen fuel cell produced electricity throughout the nickel strip, and my group got up to thirteen volts! I also learned about potato batteries. To build a potato battery you need a potato, two alligator clips, a nail, a penny, and a volt meter. The potato was able to produce electricity because potatoes consist of potassium which is an element. My group was able to produce 3.2 volts. Then we connected more potatoes and we got up to 7.6 volts.”

Sade: “In class today we learned about climate. Climate is variations of meteorological variables which characterize a region. We also created a battery out of potatoes. To do this, we pushed in a penny onto one side of  the  potatoes and a nail on the other side. We then connected alligator clips to the pennies and nails to a multimeter and looked for the voltage of the battery. My team’s voltage went up to 3.1. After that we connected our potatoes to an other  teams potatoes and got the voltage of 8.1. We did 4 experiments today but the potato battery one was my favorite.”


Toay i learned that if you mess one thing up in a satllite it can cause many problems. For example, is you dont chack if the satllite before you send it out on space people can be affected and it can also cause alot of money to go down the drain. one part of the satllite are solar pannels, these solar pannels can produce a form of energy called solar energy in order to prepel the satllite. It an work as a motor.

Satllites can have cameras in order to track the things that are going on in outer space! many things can go wrong if there is alot

of trash fouund in space such as blocking things that could be seen on film. It an also disruppet the orbit of the solar pannel.

binary counting

WE have learned about this

cool way of counting with ones and zeros but they are ways of programing what to make the robote do. we did this activity where we drew out his car and a road to drive on and added sensor to them to so it could move in different dirrections after that we made a table to show wich dirrection to go it was cool and fun to count with the ones and zeros.